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About Us

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We are a fully licensed and insured environmentally responsible business offering specialized remodeling, reclamation, and custom woodworking services. We’re based in Summit County and work throughout the area, including Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, and Silverthorne. Each of our projects starts with a thorough consultation to learn about your individual needs. Our key focus is on providing quality work and repurposing excess materials to lessen our contribution to landfills. Whether you are looking to update the look of your home or completely remodel your space, we can help. With our unique approach, Natural Builders can provide your home with one-of-a-kind custom projects. Call or email us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

We are committed to repurposing and reusing materials in any way possible. Our team sorts materials at every jobsite to assess whether they can be reused in other applications. Through this process we have saved thousands of pounds of material from being put in a landfill. 

We are also developing new ways to use alternative energy methods in all of our build processes. One such method is that we will be retrofitting our onsite trailer with solar panels in summer 2022. This will allow us to charge the tools we use on a daily basis by the sun.

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We are commited to the enviornment and our local community

Our Commitment

To the Enviornment

To the Community

  • Researching viability of electric vehicles and plan to use them as soon as products on the market meet our needs
  • Recycle any materials that can be recycled
  • We encourage our clients to make environmentally responsible choices in the materials that they select.
  • We only install energy-star-compliant appliances. 
  • We use sustainably sourced clothing for all of our apparel 
  • We live and work in a small mountain community and we are aware that our actions affect others in our community.
  • As much as possible we source materials locally as well as work with local vendors.
  • We recommend that our clients shop locally and we work with local merchants to provide them with discounts and incentives to do so.
    • Nomad Coffee discount
    • Snowdance Sports discount
    • Dos Locos discount
  • We encourage our employees and clients to spend and shop locally
  • We work with Habitat for Humanity and other outlets to provide new homes for furniture that is replaced during the course of projects

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We will order all of the materials that you select, plus supplies that are required to complete the project (such as drywall, fasteners, and protective coverings) We use a cost-plus business model and will submit all relevant receipts to you at the completion of the project. This is to ensure transparency at every stage of the process as well as protect both of us from fluctuations in material costs.
  • If we source materials, there will be a 20% markup on the best rate we are able to procure to cover the time it takes to source the materials and coordinate logistics. Typically we are able to obtain a contractor’s discount, which makes the final cost only slightly higher than retail costs.

  • We include project management fees for subcontracted work. This covers the time spent vetting, communicating with, and overseeing the subcontractors to ensure that their work meets our quality standards.
  • Subcontractors will report directly to us. This means that you have one point of contact throughout the project and we are able to schedule efficiently and correctly for each phase of construction.

  • If you already have architectural drawings and a written scope of work for your project, we will provide you with a free estimate. If you do not have drawings and/or a written scope of work in place, contact us and we can advise you on preconstruction items.
  • You have 14 days from the date of issue to approve or amend your estimate.
  • After the price and scope have been agreed on, we will require that you sign a contract and provide a 50% deposit to secure your project in our schedule. 
  • Your preliminary estimate should be considered a rough guideline until after the demo phase is complete. It is not uncommon to uncover issues during the demo that need to be addressed in order to bring your home up to code and continue the project.

  • Preconstruction services include, but are not limited to, coordinating drawings, site visit, preliminary (non-binding) cost estimating, design review meeting(s) with Client and Client’s representatives, input from key subcontractors, meeting material vendors to determine the availability of material, onsite meeting to determine material takeoffs, meeting with HOA officials, meeting with County officials, and determining the means and methods of construction.
  • We will have you sign a Preconstruction Services Agreement and pay a deposit to employ our services prior to the commencement of the project. The deposit amount will depend on the scope of work and the number of preconstruction services needed.
  • The Preconstruction Services Agreement DOES NOT guarantee you a spot in our schedule. To be fair to all of our clients, we do not schedule projects until drawings and permits (if applicable) are in hand.

  • We will remove tools and debris from the job site after completion. We will also put furniture back in its approximate location to the best of our ability. We encourage you to remove any wall hangings prior to the start of the project so that they are not subject to damage. Those items can be rehung by you at the completion of the project.
  • We can provide post-project cleaning services upon request. Professional cleaning will be an additional fee.
  • If you have a rental property, be sure to have your property professionally cleaned prior to any rentals.
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