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We are looking for motivated, hard-working individuals to join our tight knit crew of family and friends. As a small business with a big vision we are seeking like minded individuals that take pride in their work. Our values, be a cut above, collaboration, and developmental mindset are the foundation of Natural Builders and we recognize that people are our most valuable asset. We hope to take care of our employees and in turn, we hope our employees will propel our company’s vision onwards. Interested in joining our team? Fill out our employment application!

Become a Partner Vendor

We are always looking for other businesses that take pride in their work to partner with on projects. If you are interested in partnering on future projects, please click the below button and fill out a form. That way we can get in touch with you when we have projects that fit your expertise!

Some of our Values

  • Developmental Mindset: 
    • Strive to improve at every opportunity
    • There is always room for improvement
  • Be a Cut Above:
    • Take pride in your work
    • Under Promise and Over Deliver
    • Stand out
    • Focus on quality
    • Attention to detail
  • Collaboration
    • Teamwork
    • Synergy
    • Transparency is Key
    • Clear and honest communication
    • Be Committed (We Take Work/Recreation/Community Seriously)
    • Make a big, positive impact on the community and environment
    • Take work and recreation seriously

What are we looking for?

Natural Builders is looking for talented, eager to learn and friendly individuals that believe that they count with the following attributes:

  • Desire to learn 
  • Driven to improve skills
  • Business minded
  • Enjoy outdoor activities
  • Ability to be serious and light hearted on the job
  • Attention to detail

Ready to take on the challenge?

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